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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Christmas time in the city! Ok well it's really Thanksgiving, but hey all the stores are decked out for Christmas....

So anyhoo...my favorite time of year is here!! I just love Christmas!! The smell of the cinnamon, the pine, the brisk air and The Shopping!

Ahh what a wonderful time of year!!

So have you seen the social mobile media marketing efforts being touted this year?? Well in a surprising move Nieman Marcus (I was a bit shocked as they don’t actually have a Facebook or Myspace fan page!*) has thrown their hat into the ring with the help of social media marketing firm Brickfish! Nieman Marcus has called on the firm to put together a shopping challenge for their customers.http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMMDivaNMpresents

The challenge is built so that it will allow users to put together the perfect wish list! In round 1 of the challenge there are 8 categories and there will be 5 finalist from each category**. Now the social element is that you can tweet, post to FB and various other websites; As well as ask your friends to vote for the wish list you created. You know they are gonna create their own!

Now I will tell you that the wish list that I created, posted to my facebook newsfeed just fine and my friends did what they were supposed to go and build one themselves. But I was still a little disappointed with the social mobile media marketing effort that Nieman Marcus and Brickfish has put together this season!

While on Nieman's microsite http://www.neimanmarcus.com/presentsperfectI noticed that they actually had a mobile element to their marketing efforts, this season. With their "Shake it" "Then shop it" iphone app

I was a little taken a back to find that Nieman Marcus only targeted a very small segment of the mobile population by not including apps for Blackberry and Android users! Nor did they have an SMS or text marketing campaign. But hey what do you expect from a company that has yet to finish connecting the dots on the social mobile media marketing revolution and actually add an engaging facebook fan page! I mean who just adds a FB wiki page?? http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMMDivaNMwiki

Anyhoo the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva gives Neman Marcus & Brickfish a C- for their efforts!! Now to be fair to Brickfish please check out their webpage to see some of their more successful social media marketing efforts at http://www.brickfish.com/default.aspx

Tata for now the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!

* Nieman Marcus does have a company promoted FB Wiki page.
** Please see the Nieman Marcus presents perfect microsite for official contest rules.

Friday, October 29, 2010

This is just boo-tiful Social Mobile Media Marketing!

So in the spirit of Halloween (my 2nd favorite holiday)! I have reviewed some pretty cool Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Now I will admit they don’t have enough mobile engagement for me ….I mean y’all know how attached I am to my cell phone but they were pretty cute and both Sear’s and the Nightmare on 13th Haunted house in Utah get kudo’s , while the folks a Fright Planet here in Sacramento, Ca we look forward to how you attempt to engage us next year!
So let’s start with the haunted house since I love attending those…Ok so let’s start with Nightmare on 13th’s actual FB page the welcome page has been customized asking 1st time visitors to “like” the page but I would have ”liked” it to be more interactive perhaps sms sign up to receive haunted alerts all month(yep I just gave you a freebie…so not send the SocialMMDiva a check to ---- j/k) however your app http://www.decapitateme.com was really cute and easy to do perhaps sending this link thru a text link & letting folks do it via mobile would have been cute but the link appearing at the end to get a coupon was nice http://n13.hyperxmedia.net/avoidthelines/
and the youtube interviews and twitter feed really get you excited about attending so they get a A- for this year’s efforts….next year we will be looking for more!

Ok so after running through the Haunted House one realizes that they may need to work out a lil bit more so off to Sear’s we go!! Now if you have visited Sears.com this month you have heard about the shopping Zombies!! If not click here http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMDivaSears Again I would have love to see more mobile engagement but Sears did a good job here the twitter feed, you tube video’s and the interaction on the homepage were pretty cool so a B+ is their grade and I am sure that after the response to this effort next year will be an A+!

PS Fright Planet you’re gonna have to step up your game throwing up a “facebook” page is not Social Media Marketing! And as the SocialMMDiva says why wait until you or your customer is sittin in front of a computer to engage them? Life is Mobile!! And now Marketing is too.
BOO from the SocialMMDiva!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OMG Lifetime, What were you thinking!?! The SocialMMMDiva gives Lifetime & Jagtag a D for their Social Mobile Media Marketing effort!!!

Ok , so this morning I was going thru my e-mail and ran across one touting Lifetime’s first attempt at 2d barcode social media engagement for their new show ”The Fairy Jobmother” and you know being the very “Social Mobile Diva” that I am I was excited to see what they were working with!

So after a lot of digging I was finally able to find a copy of one of the posters for the show and tried to follow the steps that Lifetime TV Network & Jagtag used to attract and engage potential fans of the new show and let’s just say it was a good thing we were not following a recipe for a cake because we would have had a big mess on our hands!! And perhaps somebody in one of these 2 camps needs to read a previous post of the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva’s called a perfect recipe for a multichannel social mobile media marketing plan! Because what they put together for “The Fairy Jobmother” was just plain awful!!
Anyhoo let’s get back to that poster with the 2d code…well it didn’t work (womp womp) so I went to the Jagtag home page and as luck would have it they had the 2d code there so I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to the e-mail address as quoted on the site specifically for Lifetime’s promo (what the hay is that about?) and I’m still waiting for a response! Then they direct you to Miso the “app” that is supposed to be a social TV viewing event (?) as the lead into their “Check in to win sweepstakes; now I don’t know about you but I am not going to go to a page other than “facebook” while watching TV to “check in” and talk about the show…I mean come on Lifetime have you not heard of “streaming” on your FB page? Not to mention that all of the people in my network who might be watching the show with me are already on Facebook!! And the FB streaming is a simple enough app to add not to mention you could tie in basic sms integration and engage people that way as well. Seems to me the only portion of this social media campaign that shined was the Kickstart your life app that they built on FB!
I understand Lifetime’s desire to compete with the big boy’s USA, CNN & Bravo when it comes to engaging your audience however this was a sad sad attempt! Next time instead of going to the fancy tricks like 2d codes perhaps they should work with a team who can give them a well thought out social mobile media marketing plan!!
Ok y’all the SocialMMMDiva has got to go bye bye for now….

Monday, October 25, 2010

The SocialMMMDiva gives LIONSGATE an E for effort at the attempt at a completely Social Mobile Media Marketing event.

LIONSGATE has entered the Social Mobile Media Marketing game for the release of their new movie “For Colored Girls” and the SocialMMDiva was slightly impressed! I mean after all they attempted to engage both the small percentage of smartphone users as well as mobile users in general!
Needless to say that overall I found that LIONSGATE’s attempt, unlike Verizon Wireless’ “How Sweet The Sound” event fell a bit short of memorable engagement!! Don’t get me wrong it was a fair first attempt (or at least I hope this was their 1st attempt!). But in the future I think they would fare well to emulate Social Mobile Media Marketing veterans USA network and Verizon Wireless to come up with a more engaging experience for their users.
I like the fact that you could interact with the movie posters by using QR codes to view the movie trailer or the “Living Portraits” gallery and even set a reminder for the opening day of the movie; the same can be done by texting “COLORS” to 30333 as well, however you were unable to download copies of the posters as wallpaper and when you click the FB link it took you to the “Madea” page instead of the “For Colored Girls” page!! Soo not cool! Also I felt their facebook page; mobile website and sms campaign did not flow well and in fact was very limiting. I mean if it were a campaign that I had ran I definitely would have included a countdown to the opening app or at the very least a twitter app (txt msg) that would be sent on the day of the movie release allowing them to tweet that #I just saw “For Colored Girls” and it was awesome# but that’s just me!
LIONGATE’S attempt however was ok… but it left this geeky SocialMMMDiva wanting more…. If you would like to view the webpage for the movie go to http://forcoloredgirlsmovie.com/ and the unprecedented gallery of “living Portraits can be viewed on-line at www.forcoloredgirlsgallery.com/.
As always if you need coaching on how to put together an “awesome” Social Mobile Media Marketing event for your company big or small just call the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva! 888-546-7947 or go to www.onyxmobilemarketing.com for more info
Tata & Smooches for now The SocialMMMDiva

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva’s recipe for the perfect multichannel Social Mobile Media Marketing plan as presented by Verizon Wireless .

So have you often wondered how to create a Multichannel Social Mobile Media Marketing plan that ends up a successful and very interactive event? Well let’s take a look at the “showcase” of an event that Verizon wireless put on with “How Sweet the Sound” Gospel event.
First Verizon accepted the fact that you do not make money with gadgets & social media but that you make money with people who trust you! How do you build trust you ask? Build a relationship with your friends/followers help them to feel good about themselves.
Verizon’s commitment to help local churches to provide hope and empowerment to victims of domestic violence, by collecting old phones and refurbishing them. Provided the community with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Then by allowing those same churches to compete in a gospel choir competition to earn additional monies for their particular community service programs, created an even stronger desire to do business with Verizon for this community.
Content is the second most important item needed in this recipe and on the day of the “How Sweet the Sound” Gospel event Verizon provided the attendees with some awesome content! In the art gallery featured artwork was available to attendees as cell phone wallpaper downloads by texting HSTS with the associated number to 8940; attendees who participated in the gospel karaoke on the concourse were able to use Blackberry, iphone and Android apps to download recorded footage of their performances, not to mention the tried and true push to their phones via sms/mms technology. There were donation Hopeline Bins where attendees could donate used phones and accessories to Verizon Wireless’ Hopeline Charity which provides refurbished phones and accessories to victims of domestic violence. And of course Verizon V CAST demo stations were throughout the arena highlighting products and services and a free ringtone offer. During the show gospel singer Marvin Sapp added excitement to the call to action by allowing attendees to pick which song he would perform that evening by texting either song #1, 2 or 3 to 8940. And as an ongoing thing you can text MUSIC to 8940 to get music from the hosts and judges Donald Lawrence, Cece Winans, Tamela Mann and others. The audience supported their favorite choirs and singers with text-to-screen messages and were able to send pictures to the screen by e-mailing them to hsts@verizonwireless.com. Not to mention that the regional winner was determined by texting the word Choir and the choirs’ number of their choice to short code 47100. Now if you noticed throughout the event as the content was being provided Verizon collected cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses all night long! Giving the attendees various opportunities to opt in to their call to action campaign at the event and beyond, provided the third ingredient!
The results were amazing! You had to be there to hear people’s responses, so many of the attendees were talking about the Verizon Wireless brand! Accomplishing the fourth ingredient “brand recognition”!
And rumor has it that marketing exec’s over at Verizon were sending up praises and could be heard shouting Hallelujah! Now this is the perfect Social Mobile Media Marketing Recipe and that’s the gospel from the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!!

Smooches SMMMDiva

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where in the world is Ms. Gladys (aka the social influencer)?

Do you know where your customers play on the internet? Do you know which of your customers are like Ms Gladys the neighborhood gossip? No, well the Social MMMDiva has a few trips, tricks and tools to help you figure it all out!!

So lets talk about a few of the tools that I use to help me develop a successful Social Media Campaign. First up for discussion is Flowtown, if your company is currently collecting your customers e-mail addresses this will be a cinch for you to get started with! Just import all of your e-mail addresses and then click the insight tab and viola you now know what percentage of your customers are on what site along with the gender age and location of your most influential customers! This is just “the best”tool it keeps you from running all over the social web like a chicken with it’s head cut off!!

Ok so you figured out who your customers are and where they hang out to discuss the details of their lives ….now it’s time to find out who is the biggest influencer in the group(aka your Ms Gladys)! I know I know you’re wondering how in the heck do I do that! Well you use Klout.com!!

So here’s where what you learned at “Flowtown” becomes useful. Just take a few of the twitter names you got from your Flowtown dashboard and plug them into the search on Klout.com to find out that contacts Klout score. The people that are currently apart of your network with high scores(aka your Ms Gladys) you want to make sure that you keep them constantly engaged in all of your social media campaigns. Sending them direct tweets or posting specific specials to their Facebook wall! Let Ms. Gladys and her mouth do the marketing for you! It’s easier, cheaper and most often than not more successful too!

Now that you know who has Klout or should I say you’ve identified Ms Gladys and where she is sharing the details of hers and everyone else in towns lives, it’s time to get busy! Get out there and develop your best word of mouth marketing aka social mobile media marketing campaign ever!!

Smooches the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva

PS Please be sure to comeback at let the SMMMDiva know how these tools worked for you !
Send me a DM @SMMMDiva

Tata for now!

Friday, September 17, 2010

With a little hardwork and an excellent coach you too can be a "Guru"!

So I am checking out my e-mails this afternoon and I see there is another e-mail giving tips on how to ensure “Social Media Success” and one from another “Social Media Guru” who has popped up and swears he can help me improve my business!!

I swear they are like weeds!

Honestly people Social Media is so new that there CAN NOT be that many guru’s! There are a few Subject Matter Experts who will one day grow up to be guru’s but for now..if you have the time to listen, read and engage people you too can be a self proclaimed”guru"!

Not to mention that since Social Media is still evolving the 5 things that worked for Company A & the 10 things that worked for Company B may not work for YOUR COMPANY!

Honestly the only way to really succeed is to join the conversations that people are having about you and your brand! Be authentic and consistent! Interact with them. Have them out to your place for some fun! Be sure to return the favor every now and then… if you are a local business stop by one or two of your followers events and bring some goodies! Or if you are a big company brand send your local team out with goodies. As Big Momma used to say “You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar baby”!

So there you have it you too can be a social media guru! But if you get lost along the way feel free to text or call the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva for a few tips!

Tata for now

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Did you remember to incorporate mobile into your social media marketing plan?

Ok so your company has finally put together a social media marketing plan and you think you’re ready to conquer the social media marketing world. Then BAM you are hit with the reality that life just went mobile!

From April 2009 thru April of 2010 mobile phone use as it relates to social networking grew dramatically during that time according to comScore MobiLens data. Social networking was the frontrunner of all mobile application categories with 240% growth during this time frame as the numbers of users increased from 4.3 million to 14.5 million! Now let me throw this question at you so did you include mobile in your social media marketing plan?

Now y’all know that I have told you from the start that social media marketing was way more than throwing up a facebook/myspace page & an occasional tweet but a full on compilation of marketing efforts! This could consist of several tools depending on the nature of your business. Your needs may range from facebook, sms/text message marketing, radio, print, TV integration to building a mobile “app” or even Bluetooth marketing!!

So there you have it! Time to go out and re-vamp your plans, now just remember that marketing in general is not a one size fits all type of outfit! Any true Diva knows that to get the proper fit it must be tailored for your individual personality & size. So while you have a social media marketing company handling your social media plan be sure they are qualified to take on the task of Social Mobile Media Marketing!

For more info on Social Mobile Media Marketing you can always contact the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva at Karen@onyxmobilemarketing.com or 888-546-7947

Tata for now Smooches
Lips Pictures, Images and Photos the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have you taken advantage of Google & YouTube to tell your company's story see our example"Looking for a Social Media Branding Expert"

So it’s been a few months since the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva has been able to be “social”! Well she’s back my pretties, she’s back!

And the first thing on her mind is why haven’t I seen more companies using YouTube to interact with their followers? Also can people be a little more creative with Google? Now I know there are a few of you out there saying did the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva put her braids in too tight?! No but after the cute little “Toy Story” ad using the Google search stories "app"; I expected to see more small business owners capitalizing on this. It’s really cute and it’s a good way to position you or your company as “the subject matter expert” in your field! Oh and did I mention it's free!

Now here are a few tips to help you tell the best story possible:
  • If there isn’t a lot about you on the “web” you may want to post to a few blogs before making your Google Search story.
  • Also the “app” lets you decide whether or not to use what you find on the web, blog posts, or images about you and your company.
Play with it before you upload your story to YouTube to make sure that you show yourself and or your brand in the best possible light!

Take a look at how the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva used the “app” and then go make one for your company or brand!

P.S. Be sure to hit the like button on YouTube ;-)

Smooches the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to use Social Media to increase fan page interaction and possibly take your product viral?

Have you ever asked your fans to do something for you, say change their status update?

Well,this week the Goszip Mall fan page asked that each of their fan’s change their profile picture to a sassy pair of open toe shoes to celebrate that spring is quickly approaching. Then later in the week they sent out a “fan” update (e-mail) asking the fans to change their status updates to “I want you to come and ____ with me.” To see what response’s they would get. Now keep in mind, all of the Fashionista’s who are fans of Goszip Mall were aware that the blank space was to be filled with the word “shop” but it was great to see the responses on the pages of the Fashionista’s who are fans of Goszip Mall, when they shared the status updates with their friends.

These two social experiments were opportunities to increase the fan base and fan interaction of the Goszip Mall fan. The owners of the Goszip Mall fan page were able to gauge the initial success of these posting by looking to see how many of their fans changed their profile pictures for the day to a picture of sassy open toe shoes. Not to mention they were able to go to the facebook insight report and check the increase in unique page views and the increase in fans. They used the same tools to gauge the success of the status update challenge as well.

With each of those one day experiments the Goszip Mall fan page saw a 5% increase in fan page interaction. Not to mention on both days they added 10 new members to their page. I am sure that after their small success in engaging their fans last week the management team at Goszip Mall will run more of these types of marketing initiatives until the find the right one that takes them viral!

So what catchy things can you come up with this upcoming week that will get your “fans/friends/followers” interacting with you on the Social Web? Give it a try and come back & tell me all about it!

Lips Pictures, Images and Photosthe Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva ;-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

So now you are on facebook,myspace & twitter now what?!

You have a really great looking page on the top 3 social networks. You'v posted and tweeted and yet you've only acquired a total of 3 fans/friends/followers on all 3 sites!  And you are thinking what the heck am I doing wrong? Well let's talk this out,have you joined any groups where people are interested in your product or business? If so, have you asked anyone in the group to be your friend? Now after making a friend or two let's look at what you are saying to your friends. Are you just posting statements? Or are you asking open ended questions that foster a reply? Have you tried giving your fans/friends/followers a call to action?    

Not sure what I am talking about? Ok try this on for size...if you have a friend who is having an issue with gaining friends on facebook then hit the share on FB button to share this article. Have you shared? Great now you have just completed a call to action on fb! 

Now try this on twitter I'm playing text & win games with # goszipmall.com # ....did you tweet that? Great again you have just completed a call to action. Ok so let's go give that a try on our own pages! Be sure to comeback and post a reply as to how this worked out for you.
Smooches the Social Media Marketing Diva   

Friday, February 12, 2010

What is Onyx Mobile Marketing?

Onyx Mobile Marketing, is a business that helps build and maintain brand preference. What better way to make that happen than to offer businesses the hottest multi-channel communication technology (i.e. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social networks, Blogs) to market their products and services to consumers both locally, globally and affordably. Merchants can provide incredible deals to consumers via online or mobile text."

“Onyx Mobile Marketing's approach – using text, browsers, and emails – gives participating businesses access to the broadest possible customer audience.” Says CEO Karen Rogers-Robinson.

Consumers are now warming up to this new digital medium and have even opted in to mobile customer programs. As businesses continue to partner with Onyx Mobile Marketing, their deals and discounts will reach a larger number of users via text messages though short code technology. Merchants can visit www.onyxmobilemarketing.com to get the latest info about Onyx Mobile Marketing.

Onyx Mobile Marketing prides itself on being different from other businesses in social media marketing because our consumer reach does not pertain to one particular type of cell phone user. Businesses who use free mobile applications in order to interact with shoppers do just that; limit their deals to certain users. The users who take advantage of these applications are primarily smart phone users—19 percent of cell phone users.

Our company allows businesses to interact with consumers and also give feedback about the services rendered.

Mobile Marketing has its benefits when it comes to following consumer trends and offering great deals. Onyx wants to help broaden a company’s target market by sending mobile coupons via text message, instead of through free mobile applications. By using a five to six digit “short code,” the company can send and receive text messages. These short codes can be advertised online or in store banners (TEXT DEALS to 467947 for 10% of your next purchase) and offered at any specific time of the day.

We are here to help build and maintain your company brand by using social networks and SMS messaging. We want your business to flourish and for sales to increase. Mobile Marketing is here and it is the future… so shoppers check your phones!