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Monday, October 25, 2010

The SocialMMMDiva gives LIONSGATE an E for effort at the attempt at a completely Social Mobile Media Marketing event.

LIONSGATE has entered the Social Mobile Media Marketing game for the release of their new movie “For Colored Girls” and the SocialMMDiva was slightly impressed! I mean after all they attempted to engage both the small percentage of smartphone users as well as mobile users in general!
Needless to say that overall I found that LIONSGATE’s attempt, unlike Verizon Wireless’ “How Sweet The Sound” event fell a bit short of memorable engagement!! Don’t get me wrong it was a fair first attempt (or at least I hope this was their 1st attempt!). But in the future I think they would fare well to emulate Social Mobile Media Marketing veterans USA network and Verizon Wireless to come up with a more engaging experience for their users.
I like the fact that you could interact with the movie posters by using QR codes to view the movie trailer or the “Living Portraits” gallery and even set a reminder for the opening day of the movie; the same can be done by texting “COLORS” to 30333 as well, however you were unable to download copies of the posters as wallpaper and when you click the FB link it took you to the “Madea” page instead of the “For Colored Girls” page!! Soo not cool! Also I felt their facebook page; mobile website and sms campaign did not flow well and in fact was very limiting. I mean if it were a campaign that I had ran I definitely would have included a countdown to the opening app or at the very least a twitter app (txt msg) that would be sent on the day of the movie release allowing them to tweet that #I just saw “For Colored Girls” and it was awesome# but that’s just me!
LIONGATE’S attempt however was ok… but it left this geeky SocialMMMDiva wanting more…. If you would like to view the webpage for the movie go to http://forcoloredgirlsmovie.com/ and the unprecedented gallery of “living Portraits can be viewed on-line at www.forcoloredgirlsgallery.com/.
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