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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Christmas time in the city! Ok well it's really Thanksgiving, but hey all the stores are decked out for Christmas....

So anyhoo...my favorite time of year is here!! I just love Christmas!! The smell of the cinnamon, the pine, the brisk air and The Shopping!

Ahh what a wonderful time of year!!

So have you seen the social mobile media marketing efforts being touted this year?? Well in a surprising move Nieman Marcus (I was a bit shocked as they don’t actually have a Facebook or Myspace fan page!*) has thrown their hat into the ring with the help of social media marketing firm Brickfish! Nieman Marcus has called on the firm to put together a shopping challenge for their customers.http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMMDivaNMpresents

The challenge is built so that it will allow users to put together the perfect wish list! In round 1 of the challenge there are 8 categories and there will be 5 finalist from each category**. Now the social element is that you can tweet, post to FB and various other websites; As well as ask your friends to vote for the wish list you created. You know they are gonna create their own!

Now I will tell you that the wish list that I created, posted to my facebook newsfeed just fine and my friends did what they were supposed to go and build one themselves. But I was still a little disappointed with the social mobile media marketing effort that Nieman Marcus and Brickfish has put together this season!

While on Nieman's microsite http://www.neimanmarcus.com/presentsperfectI noticed that they actually had a mobile element to their marketing efforts, this season. With their "Shake it" "Then shop it" iphone app

I was a little taken a back to find that Nieman Marcus only targeted a very small segment of the mobile population by not including apps for Blackberry and Android users! Nor did they have an SMS or text marketing campaign. But hey what do you expect from a company that has yet to finish connecting the dots on the social mobile media marketing revolution and actually add an engaging facebook fan page! I mean who just adds a FB wiki page?? http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMMDivaNMwiki

Anyhoo the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva gives Neman Marcus & Brickfish a C- for their efforts!! Now to be fair to Brickfish please check out their webpage to see some of their more successful social media marketing efforts at http://www.brickfish.com/default.aspx

Tata for now the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!

* Nieman Marcus does have a company promoted FB Wiki page.
** Please see the Nieman Marcus presents perfect microsite for official contest rules.

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