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Friday, October 29, 2010

This is just boo-tiful Social Mobile Media Marketing!

So in the spirit of Halloween (my 2nd favorite holiday)! I have reviewed some pretty cool Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Now I will admit they don’t have enough mobile engagement for me ….I mean y’all know how attached I am to my cell phone but they were pretty cute and both Sear’s and the Nightmare on 13th Haunted house in Utah get kudo’s , while the folks a Fright Planet here in Sacramento, Ca we look forward to how you attempt to engage us next year!
So let’s start with the haunted house since I love attending those…Ok so let’s start with Nightmare on 13th’s actual FB page the welcome page has been customized asking 1st time visitors to “like” the page but I would have ”liked” it to be more interactive perhaps sms sign up to receive haunted alerts all month(yep I just gave you a freebie…so not send the SocialMMDiva a check to ---- j/k) however your app http://www.decapitateme.com was really cute and easy to do perhaps sending this link thru a text link & letting folks do it via mobile would have been cute but the link appearing at the end to get a coupon was nice http://n13.hyperxmedia.net/avoidthelines/
and the youtube interviews and twitter feed really get you excited about attending so they get a A- for this year’s efforts….next year we will be looking for more!

Ok so after running through the Haunted House one realizes that they may need to work out a lil bit more so off to Sear’s we go!! Now if you have visited Sears.com this month you have heard about the shopping Zombies!! If not click here http://tinyurl.com/SocialMMDivaSears Again I would have love to see more mobile engagement but Sears did a good job here the twitter feed, you tube video’s and the interaction on the homepage were pretty cool so a B+ is their grade and I am sure that after the response to this effort next year will be an A+!

PS Fright Planet you’re gonna have to step up your game throwing up a “facebook” page is not Social Media Marketing! And as the SocialMMDiva says why wait until you or your customer is sittin in front of a computer to engage them? Life is Mobile!! And now Marketing is too.
BOO from the SocialMMDiva!

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