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Friday, September 24, 2010

Where in the world is Ms. Gladys (aka the social influencer)?

Do you know where your customers play on the internet? Do you know which of your customers are like Ms Gladys the neighborhood gossip? No, well the Social MMMDiva has a few trips, tricks and tools to help you figure it all out!!

So lets talk about a few of the tools that I use to help me develop a successful Social Media Campaign. First up for discussion is Flowtown, if your company is currently collecting your customers e-mail addresses this will be a cinch for you to get started with! Just import all of your e-mail addresses and then click the insight tab and viola you now know what percentage of your customers are on what site along with the gender age and location of your most influential customers! This is just “the best”tool it keeps you from running all over the social web like a chicken with it’s head cut off!!

Ok so you figured out who your customers are and where they hang out to discuss the details of their lives ….now it’s time to find out who is the biggest influencer in the group(aka your Ms Gladys)! I know I know you’re wondering how in the heck do I do that! Well you use Klout.com!!

So here’s where what you learned at “Flowtown” becomes useful. Just take a few of the twitter names you got from your Flowtown dashboard and plug them into the search on Klout.com to find out that contacts Klout score. The people that are currently apart of your network with high scores(aka your Ms Gladys) you want to make sure that you keep them constantly engaged in all of your social media campaigns. Sending them direct tweets or posting specific specials to their Facebook wall! Let Ms. Gladys and her mouth do the marketing for you! It’s easier, cheaper and most often than not more successful too!

Now that you know who has Klout or should I say you’ve identified Ms Gladys and where she is sharing the details of hers and everyone else in towns lives, it’s time to get busy! Get out there and develop your best word of mouth marketing aka social mobile media marketing campaign ever!!

Smooches the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva

PS Please be sure to comeback at let the SMMMDiva know how these tools worked for you !
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