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Friday, February 19, 2010

So now you are on facebook,myspace & twitter now what?!

You have a really great looking page on the top 3 social networks. You'v posted and tweeted and yet you've only acquired a total of 3 fans/friends/followers on all 3 sites!  And you are thinking what the heck am I doing wrong? Well let's talk this out,have you joined any groups where people are interested in your product or business? If so, have you asked anyone in the group to be your friend? Now after making a friend or two let's look at what you are saying to your friends. Are you just posting statements? Or are you asking open ended questions that foster a reply? Have you tried giving your fans/friends/followers a call to action?    

Not sure what I am talking about? Ok try this on for size...if you have a friend who is having an issue with gaining friends on facebook then hit the share on FB button to share this article. Have you shared? Great now you have just completed a call to action on fb! 

Now try this on twitter I'm playing text & win games with # goszipmall.com # ....did you tweet that? Great again you have just completed a call to action. Ok so let's go give that a try on our own pages! Be sure to comeback and post a reply as to how this worked out for you.
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