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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OMG Lifetime, What were you thinking!?! The SocialMMMDiva gives Lifetime & Jagtag a D for their Social Mobile Media Marketing effort!!!

Ok , so this morning I was going thru my e-mail and ran across one touting Lifetime’s first attempt at 2d barcode social media engagement for their new show ”The Fairy Jobmother” and you know being the very “Social Mobile Diva” that I am I was excited to see what they were working with!

So after a lot of digging I was finally able to find a copy of one of the posters for the show and tried to follow the steps that Lifetime TV Network & Jagtag used to attract and engage potential fans of the new show and let’s just say it was a good thing we were not following a recipe for a cake because we would have had a big mess on our hands!! And perhaps somebody in one of these 2 camps needs to read a previous post of the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva’s called a perfect recipe for a multichannel social mobile media marketing plan! Because what they put together for “The Fairy Jobmother” was just plain awful!!
Anyhoo let’s get back to that poster with the 2d code…well it didn’t work (womp womp) so I went to the Jagtag home page and as luck would have it they had the 2d code there so I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to the e-mail address as quoted on the site specifically for Lifetime’s promo (what the hay is that about?) and I’m still waiting for a response! Then they direct you to Miso the “app” that is supposed to be a social TV viewing event (?) as the lead into their “Check in to win sweepstakes; now I don’t know about you but I am not going to go to a page other than “facebook” while watching TV to “check in” and talk about the show…I mean come on Lifetime have you not heard of “streaming” on your FB page? Not to mention that all of the people in my network who might be watching the show with me are already on Facebook!! And the FB streaming is a simple enough app to add not to mention you could tie in basic sms integration and engage people that way as well. Seems to me the only portion of this social media campaign that shined was the Kickstart your life app that they built on FB!
I understand Lifetime’s desire to compete with the big boy’s USA, CNN & Bravo when it comes to engaging your audience however this was a sad sad attempt! Next time instead of going to the fancy tricks like 2d codes perhaps they should work with a team who can give them a well thought out social mobile media marketing plan!!
Ok y’all the SocialMMMDiva has got to go bye bye for now….

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