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Friday, September 17, 2010

With a little hardwork and an excellent coach you too can be a "Guru"!

So I am checking out my e-mails this afternoon and I see there is another e-mail giving tips on how to ensure “Social Media Success” and one from another “Social Media Guru” who has popped up and swears he can help me improve my business!!

I swear they are like weeds!

Honestly people Social Media is so new that there CAN NOT be that many guru’s! There are a few Subject Matter Experts who will one day grow up to be guru’s but for now..if you have the time to listen, read and engage people you too can be a self proclaimed”guru"!

Not to mention that since Social Media is still evolving the 5 things that worked for Company A & the 10 things that worked for Company B may not work for YOUR COMPANY!

Honestly the only way to really succeed is to join the conversations that people are having about you and your brand! Be authentic and consistent! Interact with them. Have them out to your place for some fun! Be sure to return the favor every now and then… if you are a local business stop by one or two of your followers events and bring some goodies! Or if you are a big company brand send your local team out with goodies. As Big Momma used to say “You can get more flies with honey than with vinegar baby”!

So there you have it you too can be a social media guru! But if you get lost along the way feel free to text or call the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva for a few tips!

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