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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva’s recipe for the perfect multichannel Social Mobile Media Marketing plan as presented by Verizon Wireless .

So have you often wondered how to create a Multichannel Social Mobile Media Marketing plan that ends up a successful and very interactive event? Well let’s take a look at the “showcase” of an event that Verizon wireless put on with “How Sweet the Sound” Gospel event.
First Verizon accepted the fact that you do not make money with gadgets & social media but that you make money with people who trust you! How do you build trust you ask? Build a relationship with your friends/followers help them to feel good about themselves.
Verizon’s commitment to help local churches to provide hope and empowerment to victims of domestic violence, by collecting old phones and refurbishing them. Provided the community with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Then by allowing those same churches to compete in a gospel choir competition to earn additional monies for their particular community service programs, created an even stronger desire to do business with Verizon for this community.
Content is the second most important item needed in this recipe and on the day of the “How Sweet the Sound” Gospel event Verizon provided the attendees with some awesome content! In the art gallery featured artwork was available to attendees as cell phone wallpaper downloads by texting HSTS with the associated number to 8940; attendees who participated in the gospel karaoke on the concourse were able to use Blackberry, iphone and Android apps to download recorded footage of their performances, not to mention the tried and true push to their phones via sms/mms technology. There were donation Hopeline Bins where attendees could donate used phones and accessories to Verizon Wireless’ Hopeline Charity which provides refurbished phones and accessories to victims of domestic violence. And of course Verizon V CAST demo stations were throughout the arena highlighting products and services and a free ringtone offer. During the show gospel singer Marvin Sapp added excitement to the call to action by allowing attendees to pick which song he would perform that evening by texting either song #1, 2 or 3 to 8940. And as an ongoing thing you can text MUSIC to 8940 to get music from the hosts and judges Donald Lawrence, Cece Winans, Tamela Mann and others. The audience supported their favorite choirs and singers with text-to-screen messages and were able to send pictures to the screen by e-mailing them to hsts@verizonwireless.com. Not to mention that the regional winner was determined by texting the word Choir and the choirs’ number of their choice to short code 47100. Now if you noticed throughout the event as the content was being provided Verizon collected cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses all night long! Giving the attendees various opportunities to opt in to their call to action campaign at the event and beyond, provided the third ingredient!
The results were amazing! You had to be there to hear people’s responses, so many of the attendees were talking about the Verizon Wireless brand! Accomplishing the fourth ingredient “brand recognition”!
And rumor has it that marketing exec’s over at Verizon were sending up praises and could be heard shouting Hallelujah! Now this is the perfect Social Mobile Media Marketing Recipe and that’s the gospel from the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!!

Smooches SMMMDiva

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