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Talented, creative and engaging Social Mobile  Media Marketing Diva with a primary focus on social shopping.  A self –starter  who is constantly immersed in every aspect of Social Media, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing and the habits of Social Shoppers; who utilizes the latest multi-channel, feature rich, communication technology (i.e. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social networks, Blogs), to build customers Social Media Brand Identity.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let’s get Mocial!

I know some of you are wondering what the heck is “Mocial”; well it’s the new buzzword for the summer of 2011!
Mocial(Mo~shul) defined as to use a social networking engine (i.e. Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter etc.) through any mobile device to seek companionship, check in with others and/or receive deals/discounts from businesses while "on the go".
Basically it’s mobile + social and why does “Mocial” matter to you and your businesses marketing plan---because the numbers don’t lie!

Let’s take a look shall we? According to Wikipedia, 96% of the US population has a cell phone. Various surveys have suggested that 50% of those people have their phones within reach 80% of waking hours! Not to mention that 40% of facebook users are accessing the site from their mobile and Foursquare has increased its membership from 500,000 users 9 months ago to 5 million! So like I said the numbers don’t lie!
Beginning July 18th through the 22nd the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva will be coaching you on the dynamics of “Mocial Marketing” and what constitutes an excellent Mocial Marketing campaign. Not only will you be learning about the different tools that can be used to “Go Mocial” but you’ll have an opportunity to get familiar with some of the free tools available to use by taking part in Mocial challenges along the way and maybe even winning a few cool prizes!
 Learn how to use qr codes, twitter, youtube & more to create an interactive and engaging Mocial marketing campaign.
 It’s free & fun.
Get started now! Psst be sure to tell a friend!
For 2 extra points text message “Diva” to 96362 to opt-in to receive VIP marketing tips from the SocialMMMDiva.
The first person to reach 15 points wins. Contestants must be a resident of the Continental U.S. (50 states) and does not have a .mobi website or a multi-channel engagement platform system.
All challenge participants will receive $20 off a .mobi website with free domain name registration ($175 value and excludes monthly service fee of $25).
Second place winner gets a 10 day trial from “Hit My Line’s” multi-channel engagement platform! That’s right set up your own opt-in text message campaign and post to twitter & Facebook from Hit My Line’s campaign manager.
The Grand Prize winner will receive a 30 day trial .mobi website with free domain name registration and “Hit My Line’s” multi-channel engagement platform for 30 days (valued at $300 and excludes any associated monthly service fees).

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Channel surfing

So today Saphire [my car] has decided that she doesn't want to go outside, so I have to stay home too. Time to channel surf!
As I flip through the channels I see an Oscar Meyer commercial where the husband is soo ignoring his wife @d not going to the kitchen to get his lunch UNTIL drum roll she Texts him a picture of his lunch!  Swoosh I channel changes to my favorite shopping chanel and as the hostess is teling me about a beautiful morganite set I rose and white gold ring she says if you downloaded are app "lucky" you! You can oder and secure your purchase withouut holding on the phome as these are selling like hotcakes! Swoosh channel lands on game tv new show on where the host is telling how us folks at home can play along using the app or by sending a text!
So as I type this out on my Samsung Epic keyboard, I am thinking how did we ever watch tv without my mobile! And my next thought was how can any business owner do business without multi channel social engagement anymore?!