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Monday, March 7, 2011

QR codes, are they here to stay? Well the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva certainly believes so!

So over the last few months we’ve all been hearing and seeing a lot going on in the “social mobile” world around QR codes and now I know they have not only arrived but are here to stay!! How do I know this because not only is the military using them to get the word out to possible recruits with slick video’s but Target and Macy’s are using them to push out styling tips from today’s hottest designers!
According to the statement Martine Reardon Macy’s executive vice president of marketing provided to Katie Deatsch of internetretailer.com, Macy’s has launched a new campaign called “Backstage Pass” which utilizes the new QR code technology in an exciting manner bringing their fashion experts and designers to the public as they shop at local Macy’s store via their mobile devices.

Oh and did I mention a certain “Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva” added one to her cover letter a few weeks back and OMW the response has been just unbelievable! So yes I would have to say that with Macy’s and Target joining the game QR codes are here to stay! So how will you use them in your marketing campaign? In your personal branding efforts? What creative ways have you seen them used?
Be sure you respond to this post with your QR code story & if you have time check out the show on Wednesday Tracey Dreby from Jagtag will be on talking everything QR codes!
Tata for now the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!
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