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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What can social media and the mobility of it all do for "Brand You"?

Lately I've been having some discussions with friends around social media and how it’s changed what happens when people behave badly. How it can help you project the image you want.

I mean think back a few years to the "Kobe Bryant" issue, first the story broke in the paper that he had raped a 19yr old woman in 2004 and it was a few days before the so called record was set straight and Bryant was able to go back to convincing the world he's such a great guy. His PR team did a good job because 7 years later you really have to scour the web to find anything about him behaving badly! At first glance all you find is references to him being a "gym rat" how hard he works at being #1 and how high he can jump! Kudos to his PR team but have you ever thought about what they could have done with today's tools?

Well then, fast forward to 2011 where "social mobile media" and "social branding" reign supreme!

Now repeat after me and say the name "Charlie Sheen" yep that's right...I said it "Charlie Sheen"! Now "Google" him and what do you see...that's right you get all this stuff saying he's "winning"!

Really??? How can this be?? This man was fired from his job in the morning as a result from the night before wild partying antics! Ranging from drugs and sex parties around his small children to who knows what else!! I mean the man’s children were even removed from his custody!! And the next day he is winning! How can this be you ask? "Social mobile media" and "social branding"!!

Once Charlie sobered up, he began tweeting things like "What did they expect, I am "Charlie Sheen"?" "I'm paid to be a bad boy" and my favorite "I'm winning" after tweeting comments like these and of course hitting every talk show out there, it appears he is winning.

Now I hate to see "social mobile media" and "social branding" used for evil but I mean his tweeting broke a record for most new followers in a day! And this earned him a million dollar contract of sponsored tweets, He's youtube'd and facebooked and has racked up so many endorsements that he has in a few short day's replaced his income from the show 2 1/2 men!

Now for most of us we don't have as much "drama" in our lives as Charlie Sheen does, however in this tough job economy how will you use "social mobile media" and "social branding" to either help you keep your job or get you your dream job? It's just a thought....but what can "social mobile media branding" do for you?

If you need help defining or marketing "your brand" on the go the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva can help you just call 888-546-7947!

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