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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cupid pull back your bow and make a phone that the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva can fall in love with!

Yeah yeah Valentines Day was a few weeks ago I know, but today the question “what would you absolutely love in a phone?” was put to the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva. So I thought about it and was like Samsung was on the right track last year when they brought out the Samsung Diva S7070, as far as handset design and extra divalicous features go; such as the SOS message and Fake Call features for a date gone bad or get out of that oh so boring meeting! Even the beauty editing features on the camera was a great idea and the SMMMDiva really loved the smokey crystal feature as the engage button!! But dear Samsung, everyone knows that the 2011 Diva is also a business owner and she needs all of the features of the Samsung Epic as well as the features listed above!! I mean how do you expect for a true Diva to live without 4g connection speeds? And that tacky Diamond pillow design needs to go!! A mirrored finished with rhinestones’ and smokey crystals strategically placed on the handset to provide the Bling Bling effect would be better appreciated. An elegant matching Bluetooth ear piece and watch would be lovely too. The watch feature would act as a screen to view incoming calls and messages on while in a meeting…. the ear piece well y’all know what to make it do.
So Samsung if you could remake this phone and come out with the Samsung Diva 9000 (cuz the new version should be 2000 times better)before the end of the year…then viola there you have it the perfect phone for the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!

PS Dear Samsung if you could put a rush on it as the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva turns 44 in 6 weeks!
If not I’ll tell Santa to bring it to me for Christmas …Orange, Lime green & Turquoise are my fave colors ;-)

Tata for now the Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva!
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