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Friday, September 16, 2011

Learn how to be more Tweetastic with these 5 Tantalizing Twitter Engagement Tricks!

Engaging your followers on Twitter can sometimes be elusive at best but hopefully after giving a few of our twitter engagement tricks a try, your followers will think you are Tweetastic!

Now we all know that the “Twitterverse” can be fickle and that to be considered one of the “Tweetastic” people you need to have an ever evolving twitter strategy. As previously discussed in my free Twitter e-book “The SocialMMMDiva’s Twitter Tips & Tricks”, people like to follow tweeters who provide interesting, innovative, useful and engaging content. How do you do all that and stand out from the crowd, you ask? Simple take the time to listen to your followers and then develop your brand’s twitter strategy!

I know you are saying great SocialMMMDiva is going to give us one of those fluff you can do kind of posts and are ready to click off but hold on a sec and I’ll get to the “details” of it all…are ya ready??

Here we go……

Be useful provide your followers with informative and interesting links to great new twitter tools, like tweetreach and twylah.

Be engaging include a call to action or conversational starting comment in each tweet.

Be creative while developing a social engagement strategy for a client recently I came across all kind of ideas from in real life twitter events like “Taste & Tweet” or “Tweet & Toast’s to virtual book clubs and authors hosting “chirptours”.

Be innovative I’ve recently created and hosted “Twirting Tips”, “Tweet Twivia” & “Tweet Scramble” events for a few of my clients.

Be consistent set a posting schedule consisting of the various strategies that you will be using so that your followers will know when to expect to receive useful information or partake in your weekly twitter game or challenges!

Once you have implemented these things into your bag of “Twitter Tricks” your followers just may add you to their list of “Tweetastic” people!

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