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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do you get your customers to use your business without thinking? "Habit Marketing", that's how!

At the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of having Sprint's Doug Rossier on my BTR show Social Mobile Media Marketing Tips & Tricks with the SocialMMMDiva to talk about his pet marketing concept "Habit Marketing". Habit Marketing is the belief that American consumers are creatures of habit. Basically as small business owners you need to learn what is import to your customers and how they go about using those items. Then build habit forming marketing campaigns around that!

"The Samsung Instinct was designed to be habit forming. Inspired by pioneering work by Dr. Neale Martin, Sprint and Samsung created the Instinct interface from the bottom up to work the way your brain works." States- Doug Rossier, Sprint Instinct Marketing Lead.

Innovative marketing concept is being used by companies like "Starbucks" and Apple in the development phase of new products! Look at how addictive the new Ipad is for it's users and not to mention we all want a cup a joe while using it! So take a listen or sit down and have a looksy at the book...whatever's your pleasure just figure out how to make your product habit forming.

To find out more about Neale's book"Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore" go to Neale Martin's website

If you missed this particular episode listen to it now!

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Be sure to check Doug out at the "Force of Habit:How the Unconscious Mind Drives 95% of Customer Behavior", one day seminar. Doug will be participating in a panel discussion addressing translating habit insights into results (See the flyer below for more information).

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