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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Add Pinterest to your Facebook Fan Page in just a few easy steps!

Yep it’s that time to talk Pinterest, again! The service and strategies just continue to grow at an extraordinary rate, more and more businesses want to incorporate it into their social media strategies. Marketers are in love with the possibilities and the extra traffic that is being generated from Pinterest!
The public has fallen in love with Pinterest because they are finding great visual content that they weren’t able to connect with previously. The challenge though is with the service still being an “invite only” service how can you ensure all of your “social followers” see your board? Simple just integrate your Pinterest board into your facebook page!
I know a few of you out there are saying SocialMMMDiva I am not that tech savvy! Well lucky for you I am :-)
Here’s a quick tutorial on adding a Pinterest tab on your Facebook Fan Page.

1. Visit http://apps.facebook.com/iframehost and then click Install Page Tab

2. Choose the page you wish to add the iframe to.

3. Click Add Stactic iFrame Tab.
4. Your new tab will appear on the Fan page.
4.5 A welcome tab will appear click this to edit the static iFrame

5. Click the Authorize Tab.

6. Click Allow.
7. Select the URl in the Page Source Section.

8.You want to make sure that you use the MOBILE version of your Pinterest profile so insert an m before the Pinterest.com and leave off the www.
8.5 Please note according to Woobox Support you can no longer add iFrame to a specific Pinterest board any longer without using the redirect feature.
9. You will notice at the top that you can change the tab image. Click change tab image to customize this to your personal Pinterest logo.
10. You will notice at the bottom that you can change the name of your tab. Customize this to what you would like the name to say.
11. Click save and then scroll to the top and select view tab. if you follow the link it will take you to my Pinterest board on FB! http://on.fb.me/Hctdj5
Viola you have just added Pinterest to your Facebook Fan Page! Now wasn’t that easy darlin’?
Psst here’s another tip up load your pictures to Pinterest and then embed them in your blog posts :-) if you click the one in this post it will take you to my Pinterest board!
Ok smooches and tah tah for now!

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