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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 was really a “Tweetastic” year! And these awesome twitter tools were behind it all….

Yep, it’s that time of year when we all reflect on days gone by, this is the 1st post in my end of the 2011 review. This particular post is about the things that made 2011 a “Tweetastic” year! 

This year I was introduced to some awesome twitter apps and engagement strategies that I would like to share with you. Yep that’s right I said strategies!! Because there really is more to twitter than just a newsfeed of the next Middle Eastern revolution or the outrageous family announcements by the Kardashian's! So let’s have a look shall we…

First up lets discuss some of the twitter apps that I found and how best to use them!

Pay with a tweet

I like Pay with a Tweet, it allows you to give free content to people in exchange for them tweeting that they are reading/using your content! 

I would use Pay with a Tweet if I was new to the industry and wanted to share my new e-book. Because even though I know it has value my potential customer might not want to part with cash to read it but for just a tweet??? Now we're talking!   

Let's you collect tweets, yours and others on various topics, that most often than not have links to some great articles  Another great way to build your brand using content created by others and stay abreast of all the industry topics that are important to you. 

A great way to tell your story using content provided by others…take a look at how we used it to tell how the U.S. is falling in love with the “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”!

Recently I have had some issues with Tweetdeck, that have left me red-faced and looking for a back-up solution and then I found Tweetvisor! I love this web-based tweet scheduler!! At a glance I can see my DM’s, @SocialMMMDiva’s and networks posts. I can also pop things in and walk away with the peace of mind that it really is going to post!! Now if only they did Facebook and Google+ too….. 

 I like Twilert it’s much like setting a google alert for things you want to be in the loop on only on twitter! So say you can set one for your twitter handle so you can see if anyone is tweeting about you or your brand. Or for keywords that you might want to respond to, like the word #Klout you will get a feed of all the tweets about #Klout. Now this will come in handy if you are writing a blog about #Klout and need inspiration.  

Now this tool is a great way to index your tweets. A one stop shop (mini-webpage) for people to see what you tweet about and determine if they want to follow you on twitter! Click the link and head on over to my branded index of tweets.

 So tell me which of these Twitter tools do you use and why? If you didn’t use any of them which will you play around with in 2012? And lastly what Twitter tools made 2011 Tweetastic for you?

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