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Talented, creative and engaging Social Mobile  Media Marketing Diva with a primary focus on social shopping.  A self –starter  who is constantly immersed in every aspect of Social Media, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing and the habits of Social Shoppers; who utilizes the latest multi-channel, feature rich, communication technology (i.e. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social networks, Blogs), to build customers Social Media Brand Identity.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Sassy Social Mobile Media Marketing Summit in the South 2012

You’re either social or not and who better to learn "Social Mobile Media Marketing Strategies from than a Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva! So after giving it some thought this Social Mobile Media Marketing Diva is asking for help from her friends to make a dream become a reality! That's right I am asking for the help of friends to assist me in funding a Social Mobile Media Marketing Summit in 1st quarter 2012. If each of my friends could give $2 and tell 12 friends we'll be able to reach our goal in no time!

Please Unleash the DIWO! -- 'Do It With Others' by asking folks to get the word out and make some noise about our Campaign. Help us get the word out about our Social Mobile Media Marketing Summit for women. Spread the word! Post that you donated to Facebook and Twitter!

What I pledge to do going forward: I will continue to share my social media tips tricks and overall knowledge with everyone openly - making sure that nobody has to go without basic social media knowledge.
I will mentor anyone who needs assistance in re-inventing their current business strategies to reflect aspects of social business and change the way customers engage and companies engage with their business. this fast paced social mobile media marketing world.
I will continue to tell the whole story - BS free - so that we can see what it really takes to be successful with social mobile media marketing today.

Thank you and keep sending me your love, support and encouragement!

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